High Light Bulb Changer

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emy said…
...muy cool idea, now that i am in a house with high ceilings.....tanks, flipper
Glad you like the idea. Let me know how it works out for you.

I didn't want to make the article too complicated but a suggestion, especially if you are going to re-use the same tool a lot is to run a couple of screws through the mouth of the bottle and into the broomstick. Tape works okay but if you are changing a lot of bulbs the bottle gets loose and you have to retape it, etc. It's a hassle. Better to just screw it, so to speak, and it will stay put forever.

Also the long skinny CFLs can actually be done with the same tool shown in the photo. Just fold the t-shirt twice. The skinny bulbs are trickier to control but definitely do-able without switching to a narrower bottle.

By the way, the bottle in the photo is a 2 liter Canada Dry Club Soda bottle.
elpolvo said…
while you're at it, screw in one of these and it should last the rest of yer life (if you're as old as emy):

Anonymous said…
The answer to how many engineers does it take to screw in a light bulb. Yet another worn out t-shirt put to good use by the man of many t-shirts.
Almita Neon said…
Great idea! I shared w a friend and she just told me it worked perfectly! Thank you
Peter Kesting said…
One of those devices is like $20 on Amazon, I have only one light that will need changing, what every 4 or 5 years so it just wasn't worth the $20. The bulb is on stairs that just made it impossible/unsafe to try to use a ladder. Well I didn't have a 2 litter bottle, I had an old water bottle, I just used a thin dish rag instead of a shirt and it worked like a dream thanks a lot, ideal for the very infrequent user. If I had 20 lights that were high it might be worth the $20.
Jacqui in Oz said…
Wow, thanks so much for this. At the moment I am living on my own and have massively high ceilings. I also can't get past the third rung of the ladder before I get all queasy and my knees shake. It worked like a charm!
Hi Jacqui. I'm glad to hear it worked for you. It takes a little practice and a fine touch but it's quick and easy once you've done it a few times.
Unknown said…
worked like a charm removing the old bulb but couldn't get the new bulb properly aligned to screw it in.
Well, it is a bit of an art, sometimes taking patience and a gentle touch, and the bulb must be aligned straight. Some sockets are more difficult, taking several attempts, but I've never failed yet. It's not always easy but beats climbing a ladder, especially on stairs.
This totally works! Thank you so much. There was a bulb that gave out in my building like 3 years ago and no one could replace it until I found this.

It was so old and damaged that it broke. I panicked, but then I put some electrical tape on top of the pole, inserted it in the broken socket and managed to unscrew it out. I just put the new bulb in... perfect.
Anonymous said…
Used a piece of non slip silicone mat in a smaller sized bottle, as i couldn't see around the tee shirt(light fitting is 15ft high). Made it very easy.
Yeah, I know the material you're talking about. It ought to work great -- maybe too well. Haha.
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