Quiet Over Here

Fishermen in their Dugout Canoe on Rio Dulce - DSCF2447

This blog has been kind of quiet recently because I've been working on the Maya Paradise web site. The whole site is getting modernized and improved. There's lots of interesting information there.

If you are curious about it, you can find it here:


There is also an associated blog that's connected to the site here:


And a bulletin board:




Darrin Jones said…
I am coming to your neck of the woods in about three weeks. After reading comments in the forums and viewing you photos on flickr, and of course your blog..well, I guess you are on my list of people to look up when I finally make it there. You can check out who I am at my blog, if you care to or have the time at

I'm looking forward to it. I think you'll have a lot of fun here and you'll certainly have something to blog about. :)