Caloosahatchie to Rio Dulce, Day 8

August 31, 2008 Sunday

I slept until 9:00 A.M. Nancy went swimming, then we started up the engine and continued our voyage. We left the "plateau" we had anchored on and got into deeper water, 50 to 60 feet, and headed south. It was an uneventful day watching the Belize coast go by. At Placencia we did a "drive by". Bert slowed the boat as we passed Placencia very closely while I searched for an open WiFi signal, found one, and retrieved the phone numbers we wanted. I had never tried "war driving" from a boat before and thought it was hilarious that we succeeded.



Placencia, Belize - DSCF2307

Placencia, Belize - DSCF2309

Early evening we pulled in behind Great Monkey Cay. Bert did some exploring, poking Vagabond's nose into this and that bay and inlet. We went aground three times. Then Bert chose a spot just off Great Monkey Cay where we dropped anchor for the night. Bert and Nancy went swimming while I took photos of the beautiful sunset and some night shots of Vagabond. The air here is wonderful and it's very peaceful. There was a light breeze and distant lightning. I made a satphone call to my daughter and also sent her an email via Winlink. We got to sleep around midnight.


Sunset, Belize Cayes - DSCF2337

Sunset, Belize Cayes - DSCF2355