Bisphenyl A (BPA), Should we be Worried?

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Heather said…
Wow. Now I'm completely paranoid of my Sparkletts. We refill our water bottles for home use. I don't think I'd worry so much, but I'm pregnant, with a girl, and I've read a bit about DES daughters of the '50s and '60s. So now the question: Do I continue to from the bottle, from the tap, or strictly milk? Thank goodness I don't live in Santa Monica!
ShutterSparks said…
Yes, this one is a tough call isn't it? I should point out that more and more researchers are making a ruckus saying that we should not wait until people start dying before controlling or banning a substance we suspect might be a problem. One example is aspartame, where there are strong indications that it induces brain cancer, 30 to 40 years after you start ingesting it. Well, if we wait until people start dying then we have two generations of ruined people on our hands. The problem has been that cancer and other medical research has been run by the very companies that make the harmful substances. This should be no surprise in a country of unrestrained capitalism. The EU is considerably more progressive in this arena and one sees far more harmful substances banned in the EU than in the US.