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Hello all. I'm a hardware and software engineer, now running a corporate / legal transcription business in partnership with my daughter. Originally from California, I live in Guatemala and am interested in writing, economics, politics, history, photography, fountain pens, languages, ham radio. I play keyboards (pipe organ, piano). Been doing web design since 1996. These days I enjoy building web based systems around AJAX.

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I've been designing electronics since childhood and writing software since 1968 and have created many designs and systems in many fields. Some of my fields of expertise are:

Software expertise ranging from tiny 4-bit embedded microprocessor systems to mainframe operating systems.
Analog and digital hardware design.
Ultra-high security access control systems.
Seismology and seismic imaging.
Image processing.
Digital signal processing.
Graphics programming.
Real-time process control, servo systems.
Analog and digital sound/music synthesis.
Game design.
Photogrammetry, cartography.
I hold patents in the fields of networking, seismic/medical imaging, and others.

"And that's all there is to say about that."
--Forrest Gump