Food in a McDonald's Wrapper Tastes Better

Talk about brainwashing or Pavlovian training of our kids--a study was recently done with pre-schoolers that showed kids preferred foods that were wrapped in a McDonald's wrapper or that came in a McDonald's container. Not only did they choose it over other foods but identical carrots, identical apples, drinks, foods of any kind, were deemed to taste better when they came in packaging bearing the McDonald's logo.

This is disturbing and also raises a question. This was a test of just one type of brainwashing but how else have we and our kids been brainwashed?


elpolvo said…
this is a blessing. mcdonald's wrappers are free. you can pick them up in any mcdonald's parking lot. then you can put any kind of healthy crap in them and yer kids will eat it.
ShutterSparks said…
Bahaha. Now there's a positive approach to the problem! As they say, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.